Health Professionals

Our practitioners are health professionals who believe that the journey to optimal health and wellbeing can be an exciting adventure undertaken with a sense of teamwork. We look forward to meeting you.
Bilal Adhami | Chiropractor

Bilal Adhami | Chiropractor

Bilal’s journey as a chiropractor began in 2013, making a life-changing decision by leaving his job as a Project Manager, seeking a career in health and healing. Graduating with a Master of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in 2015, Bilal has dedicated many hours to the study of several methods of chiropractic including Diversified, Gonstead and Terminal Point Technique before discovering Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).

Bilal’s exploration of low-force techniques has allowed him to utilise the body-mind connection to provide Canberrans with safe and effective NSA care. This is driven by his passion to create life changing impressions on people’s health, empowering clients with the tools to reorganise their health through a more efficient and sound nervous system.

Bilal is a current member of the Australian Chiropractic Association and values knowledge and collaboration by contributing many extra hours of training with other practitioners to ensure he can provide the best care and help support the lifestyle of all the practice members.

After spending several years practicing in Sydney, Bilal returned to his birthplace of Canberra and can be heard preaching of the beautiful lifestyle of our bush Capital. When he’s not helping make lifechanging health improvements, Bilal can be found enjoy the outdoors, walking, hiking, camping as well as undergoing regular Yoga and meditation.

Stephanie Campbell | Chiropractor

Stephanie Campbell provides chiropractic care in Canberra at the Vitality Health Centre. Stephanie uses chiropractic manipulative techniques encompassing low force (gentle touch) and mobilisation through to traditional high velocity adjustments. The type of manipulation chosen is based on each patient’s age, individual health history and comfort level.

Frank Castanedo | Acupuncturist & Bioresonance Therapist

Frank Castanedo qualified as an acupuncturist in 1994 and also has extensive clinical experience as a MORA bioresonance therapist. He uses traditional and modern techniques to diagnose and correct the energetic state of your acupuncture channels. His clients seek his services for all the common conditions including sports injuries, PMS, headaches, low back pain, indigestion, candida, gut ache, constipation, and allergies/intolerances.

Using bioresonance therapy, Frank particularly specialises in assessing and treating conditions that doctors seem unable to diagnose, have persisted for months or even years, or do not respond to other treatments. Some of these conditions include chronic fatigue, post-surgical pain, lowered immunity, and auto-immune issues. Clients can choose to have traditional acupuncture or MORA bioresonance therapy.

Deana Cuming | Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Deana Cuming | Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Deana has been fascinated by and passionate about human behaviour and wellbeing for over 20 years. She was initially led to complete a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1995, before working on business transformation projects both in Australia and overseas, focusing on assisting people through change. Her interests expanded into meditation and awareness, complementary therapies, wellness coaching and PSYCH-K®. Through this she has developed a unique set of tools and techniques to use personally and professionally to achieve health and wellbeing from the inside-out.

Fundamentally it begins with awareness. When we are able to bring into our consciousness what flows from our higher self and what resides in our subconscious, we can truly see what it means to each of us to live an authentic life, and uncover what might be barriers to us achieving it. If we choose to allow ourselves to explore with curiosity and grace what are at the depths of our beliefs, our values and our thoughts, we can discover that our health and wellbeing and ultimately the journey of our life, are intricately linked.

She empowers her clients to define who they want to be, to take a stand for what they really want in their health, wellbeing and life. She encourages clients to choose to listen to their intuition and define what it is that they believe about themselves. Deana has the knowledge and experience to facilitate with clients, bringing connection to these inner truths, and facilitating fundamental lasting shifts to self-empowering beliefs and developing capacity to lead a fulfilling life.

Sunny Forsyth | Qi Gong Trainer

Sunny Forsyth | Qi Gong Trainer

Sunny Forsyth is passionate, insightful and highly skilled and is able to guide others to their natural state of wellness, vitality, and clarity. His inspiration comes from his Buddhist meditation practice and intensive study with renowned healers such as: Michael Winn, Mantak Chia, and Thanachai Sumonkorn. Having integrated these practices into his own life, Sunny is inspired to share with others how they can embody timeless wisdom for maximum wellness, vitality, and personal power in the modern World.

He works directly with the organs and energy points to release blockages. You will remain lying on your back fully clothed during your CNT session, while we will slightly adjust your clothes enabling access to the full abdominal cavity. CNT is an abdominal massage where you lie in a comfortable position on your back with your knees slightly elevated.  Afterwards, clients share that they feel lighter, more grounded, more balanced, relaxed and peaceful.

Arvinder Kaur (A. Kaur) | Naturopath

Arvinder Kaur (A. Kaur) | Naturopath

Arvinder is a qualified Naturopath, with a Bachelors Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy,  and a Certificate IV in Soft Tissue Management. She has worked as a Registered Ayurvedic Medical Officer in a maternity and obstetric Nursing Home overseas, sharing her passion about female health and various reproductive and other health issues that surfaces at different stages of life. Arvinder believes in treating a person holistically as a whole rather than addressing an isolated condition or body part got more firm while studying Naturopathy. She has a deep understanding of the co-relationship between different systems of our body, including how digestive, immune and nervous systems influence each other and the co-relationship between stress with glandular system etc.

She uses a German technology based Cyber scan system to assess the health status and to find out imbalances that arises due to various factors in the body. She also uses herbal remedies, Nutritional supplements, homeopathic tissue salts where ever it is required to bring harmony and balance to body mind and spirit by addressing the underlying causes. Sometimes not all conditions or illnesses can be completely healed but they can at the very least; be significantly improved with right intervention. 

She supports and encourages clients to assume responsibility for their own health. She believes in working together to attain optimum sustainable health benefits from the treatment, as partnership between practitioner and client/patient is a cornerstone of holistic medicine. 

Verlie Kennedy | Remedial Massage & Low Intensity Laser Treatment

Verlie Kennedy | Remedial Massage & Low Intensity Laser Treatment

 Verlie brings together several modalities to better address any injuries or areas of discomfort so that clients leave appointments feeling relaxed, with reduced pain and increased mobility.  By using Low Intensity Laser Therapy (non heat generating unlike lasers used in specialised beauty treatments) in combination with Remedial Massage Therapy techniques, clients get longer lasting relief and with better results.

Verlie fulfills her my love and passion for integrated bodywork, alongside other health professionals committed to your journey for health and happiness. With over 20 years experience she offers a professional, and effective, tailored treatment plan to address injuries and any aches and pains to ensure that you leave feeling at your best.


Gail Medbury | Herbalist

Gail Medbury | Herbalist

Gail has been working as a Natural Therapy Practitioner since 1993 and is one of Vitality’s senior health practitioners. Her holistic form of healthcare encompasses all aspects of a person’s health, lifestyle and diet and the impact these have emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Everything is interconnected. What happens to one part of the body affects every other part of the body. The mind and body should not be viewed separately, but as part of an energetic system. Similarly, organs, and organ systems are viewed as interconnected structures that work together to keep the body functioning.

She has a very strong commitment to and passion about natural health care and have the firm belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when provided with the right tools. She also understand that every person’s requirements are different and therefore see the importance of tailoring the treatment to the client. Her focus is to achieve positive health outcomes for each client. Consultations with Gail welcome Health Fund Rebates.

  • Certificate of Reflexology from Nature Care College of Naturopathic and Traditional Medicine (Sydney).
  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine from the Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Phytotherapy (Medical Herbalism) from the Southern Cross Herbal School (Australia)
  • Presently studying for an Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine with the Australian Institue of Applied Sciences.
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Graduate Diploma in Education
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • Companion Member of the National Herbalist Association (NHAA)
Rosi Pletzer | Naturopath

Rosi Pletzer | Naturopath

Rosi believes in in the miracle of life and of the body’s ability to heal itself given the right set of circumstances. She gets excited about undertaking this extraordinary adventure alongside you. This passion drives her to explore the reasons why we may not be living our lives to our fullest healthy potential. It has also given her the impetus to continue further studies with a curious mind.

She started her foray into health with nursing in the early 80’s, and commenced naturopathic studies a few years later. Always searching for the holy grail of health, she decided to supplement my studies with fitness and nutrition, homotoxicology, microbiology, and biochemistry. She became interested in energetic medicine as she gained an understanding of the fundamental interconnectedness of the body as a whole.

Rosi enjoys utilising all aspects of what she’s learnt and find herself tailoring a blend of practical lifestyle changes, nutrition, energetic medicine, common sense, herbal medicine and biochemistry to suit the individual needs of the person She’s on the journey with you. She likes to develop a real sense of who her client is and what it is they are wanting to achieve in regards to wellness.


Diane Poole | Kinesiology Professional Practitioner, Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Diane Poole | Kinesiology Professional Practitioner, Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Diane is a Level 5 Kinesiology Professional Practitioner who has gained 25 years of experience with Touch For Health, Kinesiology and more recently PSYCH-K®.  Diane also brings a wisdom of life experience from her roles in being a single-mum, partner, carer, public servant, athlete and self-carer and self- healer. 

She has had immense pleasure sharing and facilitating the benefits of Kinesiology for many years now and never cease to be amazed at the profound changes clients’ make in their health, wellbeing and personal growth.  To see people reset their health and life limiting (maladaptive) patterns and liberate their lives is a very joyful and moving experience.

Add PSYCH-K® to this dynamic and the power of the healing and transformation process is amplified. In the words of renowned cell biologist Bruce Lipton Ph.D. “The ‘secret to life’ is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs (and perceptions) that control our lives. PSYCH-K® is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.”

Diane has also learnt a lot from my own healing journey with cancer, an autoimmune thyroid condition, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and food and environmental sensitivities.  Kinesiology and PSYCH-K® have helped her overcome these conditions by bringing the best out in herself and her body.

Diane has a Diploma in Kinesiology, Registered with AKA, ICPKP and her consultations welcome Health Fund Rebates.

    Sharron Speldewinde | Naturopath

    Sharron Speldewinde | Naturopath

    While growing up in country NSW, Sharron developed a love for all things natural and an appreciation for organic food, sustainable farming and natural health therapies. After gaining valuable skills working in the health care industry, local and federal government departments and small business, her empathic nature led her to studying the healing benefits of natural medicine to complete her Naturopathy qualifications.

    As a registered naturopath Sharron is an advocate of whole organic food, herbal medicine, energetic medicine and appropriate supplementation to promote health, restore metabolic balance and hormones, and support recovery from illness. Her professional goal is to educate, encourage and empower her clients to take back control of their own health and transform their lives on a physical, emotional and spiritual level to achieve complete health and happiness.

    Sharron believes in lifelong learning and is continually undertaking further studies and regularly attends seminars to develop her skills in evidence based natural medicine. When she is not seeing clients you will find her organising wellbeing tours and travelling the globe in search of truth and inspiration.