Sunny Sunny Forsyth - Qi Gong Trainer

He's passionate, insightful and highly skilled and is able to guide others to their natural state of wellness, vitality, and clarity.



His inspiration comes from his Buddhist meditation practice and intensive study with renowned healers such as: Michael Winn, Mantak Chia, and Thanachai Sumonkorn.  Having integrated these practices into his own life, Sunny is inspired to share with others how they can embody timeless wisdom for maximum wellness, vitality, and personal power in the modern World.



Total Body Wellness


If you could feel fresh, energised, and well at will, what difference would it make?



Medical Qi Gong practice to unleash the deep healing power of your life force energy. Heal physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. A simple version of this form has been used in Chinese medical qi gong hospitals for decades to treat many ailments.


Ideal for anyone seeking to assist with chronic illness regardless of their current physical strength as the form can be done either standing or sitting.


One-on-One Sessions

Abdominal Detox otherwise known as Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is a form of Asian bodywork, with similarities to Thai massage and Shiatsu. However, it focuses on the abdomen because this is where the majority of our vital organs are located and where we hold so much of our tension.

Originally, Taoist monks and nuns practiced CNT to enhance their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Not only did it help them to live long and healthy lives it was also a used as a way to bring their body into optimum alignment so that they could perform the highest-level of deep meditation practices.


Improves Digestion and Elimination

Improves Nutritional Absorption

Organ and Gland Detoxification

Muscular Release and Detoxification

Fascia Detoxification and Release

Improves and Balance Physical Energy

Improves Mental Clarity

Muscular Pain Reduction

Improves Self Awareness

Improves Sleep Patterns

Extends Length and Quality of Life

CNT is considered by many to be a profoundly powerful treatment.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine your organs store the core information that relates to your health or illness.  Chi Nei Tsang directly treats your organs.



Recent research on the Vagus nerve (which links your organs to your central nervous system) shows you that your organs store and pass a lot of information back to the brain. Your abdomen is also home to your second brain (enteric nervous system). There are more neurotransmitters in your gut than anywhere else in your body. If you want to develop your ability to trust your gut don't you think that it would be a good idea to honour and clear this part of your body.



As humans, circumstances in our life can force us to put up walls in order to feel safe. Isn't it one of life's ironies that what initially helps us to feel safe can ultimately lead to our limitation and even ill health.  CNT is a quick, safe and effective way to release these walls of limitation.

What can you expect in a treatment from me?



I work directly with the organs and energy points to release blockages.  You will remain lying on your back fully clothed during your CNT session, while we will slightly adjust your clothes enabling access to the full abdominal cavity.



CNT is an abdominal massage where you lie in a comfortable position on your back with your knees slightly elevated.  I often hear from my clients that they feel lighter, more grounded, and more balanced. I also notice that their faces look more relaxed and peaceful


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