** Come in for PEMF sessions and pay a total of $100 for 6 sessions. A saving of $80! **

Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field


- Chronic pain

- Inflammation

- Circulation

- Fibromyalgia

- Back and neck pain

- Nerve pain

- Arthritis

- Mobility

- Recovery from surgery

- Recovery from injury

- Cell function healing (e.g. boils, absesses and wounds)


Wonderful For:

- Maximising mental clarity, focus and productivity

- Stress management

- Rapid post-exercise recovery

- Increasing energy, vitality and strength

- Optimising physical and psychological balance

- Aiding relaxation and detoxification






What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)?

Our bodies are made up of billions of purpose made cells. All of these cells have an electrically charged cell membrane to allow for normal cell processes to occur.

Sub-optimal cell membrane ionisation results in impaired ATP or energy production due to reduced oxygen and nutrient absorption; and ineffective waste removal reduces cell defense/repair mechanisms resulting in inaccurate cellular reproduction.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies build up cellular energy through improved cellular oxygenation and alkalinisation of cells, leading to enhanced general cell health and whole body circulation. These cellular improvements facilitate heart rhythm regulation, optimise respiratory volume, facilitate the actions of immune cells and supports the growth of cells for healing and repair. Through these mechanisms the pulsed electromagnetic healing promotes healing while reducing pain and inflammation to areas of injury or dysfunction.


We need PEMF for two reasons:

  1. Not enough of the naturally occurring PEMF: Over the past 300 years the earth’s magnetic field has declined 50%. The average person stays inside 90% of the day living and working in concrete structures, driving in metal cars, and wear rubber soled shoes shielding us from naturally occurring PEMF. We need to lie down in the earth and walk around without shoes to gain benefit from naturally occurring PEMF.
  2. We are exposed to too much unhealthy PEMF’s through power lines, computers, cell phones, digital clocks, microwaves, T.V.’s, and hair dryers that all cause a “sub-molecular electronic disturbance.”


The majority of research has found PEMF set to cell specific frequencies to be of benefit in the healing of non-union fractures, pain management (particularly fibromyalgia), improved motor function for people with MS, improved function for people with osteoarthritis, improved repair times for repair of anterior cruciate ligaments, improves heart rhythms, reduced blood pressure, normalises the speed of blood flow, improves blood viscosity and improves respiratory volume.


At Vitality Health Centre we have the latest technology available in PEMF (see link at the bottom of the page). We can individualise programs depending on the desired outcome and identified issue. Treatment plans can include a more general mat session to targeted treatments using the pillow or probe. Contact us on 02 6121 4102 to make your appointment!

Session Information

Each session on our PEMF mat is 1/2 an hour long and requires the client to do no more than lay on the mat in a recliner chair. It is a non-intrusive and relaxing experience. Although many don't feel anything, some will feel a slight tingling sensation.


$30 per 1/2hr session

or 6 sessions for a total of $100

More Information

Treatment of Fibromyalgia by use of PEMF



At Vitality we use the iMRS system. For more information on the system go to this website:



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