Naturopathy is a system of healing that aims to provide holistic or whole body healthcare by drawing on treatment methods from several traditional systems of medicine. Naturopathy seeks to use the natural healing powers of the body to cure itself. It focuses on treating the cause of a disease rather than the symptoms themselves.




Rosi Pletzer - Naturopath

I believe in the miracle of life and of the body's ability to heal itself given the right set of circumstances. I get excited about undertaking this extraordinary adventure alongside you. This passion drives me to explore the reasons why we may not be living our lives to our fullest healthy potential. It has also given me the impetus to continue further studies with a curious mind.


I started my foray into health with nursing in the early 80's, and commenced naturopathic studies a few years later. Always searching for the holy grail of health, I decided to supplement my studies with fitness and nutrition, homotoxicology, microbiology, and biochemistry. I became interested in energetic medicine as I gained an understanding of the fundamental interconnectedness of the body as a whole. I don't believe my studying days are over, as I have a keen belief that the more you learn the more you realise the breadth and scope of what there is to be discovered.


I enjoy utilizing all aspects of what I've learnt and find myself tailoring a blend of practical lifestyle changes, nutrition, energetic medicine, common sense, herbal medicine and biochemistry to suit the individual needs of the person I'm on the journey with. I like to develop a real sense of who that person is and what it is they are wanting to achieve in regards to wellness. You can contact me by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


ArvinderArvinder Kaur (A. Kaur)- Naturopath

Hi, I am Arvinder Kaur. I am a qualified Naturopath in Vitality health centre. My educational background is Bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery and an Advanced diploma in Naturopathy from CIT Bruce Canberra along with a Certificate IV in soft tissue management. After competing my Bachelor’s I worked as a registered Ayurvedic medical officer in a maternity and obstetric Nursing Home overseas for few years as I was passionate about female health and various reproductive and other health issues that surfaces at different stage of their life .My belief of treating the person “holistically” as a whole rather than addressing an isolated condition or body part got more firm while studying Naturopathy. I got a better understanding of the co-relationship between different systems of our body e.g. how digestive, immune and nervous systems influence each other and co-relationship between stress with glandular system etc.


I use a German technology based “Cyber scan system” to assess the health status and to find out imbalances that arises due to various factors in the body. Along with this system I also use herbal remedies, Nutritional supplements, homeopathic tissue salts where ever it is required to bring harmony and balance to body mind and spirit by addressing the underlying causes. Sometimes not all conditions or illnesses can be completely healed but they can at the very least; be significantly improved with right intervention. I feel delighted to share with my clients whatever little I have learnt from the treasure of knowledge and while doing so Ultimate and one of the most important aspect of my treatment is to encourage the person to assume responsibility for own health


I believe in working together with the client to attain optimum sustainable health benefits from the treatment, as partnership between practitioner and client/patient is a cornerstone of holistic medicine.



"Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live “Jim Rohn”


SharronSharron Speldewinde - Naturopath


While growing up in country NSW, Sharron developed a love for all things natural and an appreciation for organic food, sustainable farming and natural health therapies. After gaining valuable skills working in the health care industry, local and federal government departments and small business, her empathic nature led her to studying the healing benefits of natural medicine to complete her Naturopathy qualifications.


As a registered naturopath Sharron is an advocate of whole organic food, herbal medicine, energetic medicine and appropriate supplementation to promote health, restore metabolic balance and hormones, and support recovery from illness. Her professional goal is to educate, encourage and empower her clients to take back control of their own health and transform their lives on a physical, emotional and spiritual level to achieve complete health and happiness.


Sharron believes in lifelong learning and is continually undertaking further studies and regularly attends seminars to develop her skills in evidence based natural medicine. When she is not seeing clients you will find her organising‘wellbeing’ tours and travelling the globe in search of truth and inspiration.

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