Katy Katy Koo Garratt - Massage Therapist

Hi, I’m Katy Koo Garratt. I’m excited to be part of Vitality Health Centre whose practitioners are committed to empower you in your journey to health.


I have recently moved from Victoria where I worked as a Remedial Massage Therapist for 9 years. My experience covers a wide area, having treated a range of musculo-skeletal dysfunctions from the general community, as well as patients referred by doctors, and other allied health professionals. I offer relaxation, therapeutic, and remedial treatments, or a combination of these depending on the client’s condition.


I have been privileged in helping people with sports injuries, post-surgery scar management, muscular tension and pain. In addition I have treated conditions involving the Central Nervous System as in stress and anxiety, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.


Each treatment protocol is individually tailored to restore and/or enhance quality of life, ease of movement, and well-being. I believe in educating each person in care and prevention, in order to keep the body in its best possible form.

My aim is to provide a compassionate service to the whole community in the care of the physical vehicle, i.e. the body, through various disciplines of bodywork. I am committed to deliver this service with a smile and a caring spirit.


I am passionate about continued education. I am a firm believer that knowledge enables me to better serve the community in the bodywork field.


I look forward to assisting you in taking care of your most important asset: your health.



Sharon Sharon Wilson - Massage Therapist & Mindset Modification Facilitator


Hello My name is Sharon Maree Wilson.


I work with Stress and how you and your system manage it.


We work together to help you reduce your stress levels in body, mind and spirit and create powerful new realities for youso you have more energy to emerge into living the life you want,radically improving your experience of life in areas such as health and body, self-esteem, relationships, spiritualityand grief from loss, personal power, prosperity.


Whether it’s Massage to reduce the stress out of the body or using Psych-K or a variety of techniques to reduce and transform the stress on a sub-conscious or spiritual level - I create a space where you can achieve growth and healing.


Many of these techniques work with the relationship between bioenergy, consciousness, thought, intentionality, and spirituality.(MIND-BODY -SPIRIT) These therapies often achieve observable and measurable results rapidly and usually without causing undue emotional distress or abreaction.


I have been researching and studying healing and human potential for over 25 years.This has led me down all sorts of paths to learn and practice techniques such as Massage, Psych-K, And others including –Reiki, Shamanism,Life Coaching, NLP.


Having experienced a number of stressful and traumatic events in my life I have an understanding of how stress and trauma can affect not only the body but also the potential for living a joyful and rewarding life.


At Vitality we have a nurturing space where you can feel safe to unpack your stress and walk out feeling like you dropped the weight off your shoulders and are ready for the life you want to live.



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