Frank Castanedo qualified as an acupuncturist in 1994 and also has extensive clinical experience as a MORA bioresonance therapist. He uses traditional and modern techniques to diagnose and correct the energetic state of your acupuncture channels. His clients seek his services for all the common conditions including sports injuries, PMS, headaches, low back pain, indigestion, candida, gut ache, constipation, and allergies/intolerances.


Using bioresonance therapy, Frank particularly specialises in assessing and treating conditions that:

  • doctors seem unable to diagnose,
  • have persisted for months or even years, or
  • do not respond to other treatments.

Some of these conditions include chronic fatigue, post-surgical pain, lowered immunity, and auto-immune issues.


Clients can choose to have traditional acupuncture or MORA bioresonance therapy.




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